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‘Next generation digital watch with a touch screen, Smartphone-like watch apps, “always on” display, and you never need to charge it.’  The silicon banded watches are $159.  The stainless steel version is $199 and the black stainless steel version is $209.


While we’re fans of the previous Phosphor watches, such as the Appear, the new Touch Time begs the question, “Why?”

Sure, it’s got a ‘touch screen’ face but after our smart phones, such as the iPhone, it’s clumsy and awkward to use. While it’s fairly intuative to set up, the ‘apps’ are basically just a calculator, alarm, timer and stopwatch. Oh yeah, and a ‘lunar calendar’ because you’ll want to check that often. Also, there’s no bluetooth connectivity so unlike your smart phone it won’t tell you when you get a text or a message

For watch connisseurs, there’s  5 different watch faces to chose from which includes a traditional analog look and a digital read out. That’s a cool feature.



As far as the design is concerned, the Touch Time is wide and clunky, and this from a gal who wears a big-faced old-fashioned watch!

Tech exists for this to be s silver of the size it is now. Just out, it’s already out-dated. By comparison, their  E-ink screen watches, are much cooler. (Pictured below.)





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