Having music lull you to sleep is very effective, but falling asleep with your headphones or ear buds can be very uncomfortable. Thanks to SleepPhones, you no longer have to worry about that.



SleepPhones is a comfortable fleece headband that has speakers inside of it. You can barely feel the speakers and it has pretty good sound quality, though the idea is that soon you’ll be in dreamland.


Since the speakers can be removed, they are machine washable. They are also noise-canceling so you can replace the sound of someone snoring with the sound of waves rocking you to sleep. 6 Soothing tracks are available for you to download that range from ‘Breakfast Sizzle’ to ‘White Noise.’

It works with any device that has a standard headphone jack and a good place to keep your music player is right under your pillow. The cord is the perfect length; you are not at risk of getting caught up in it. It is priced at  $39.95. If you are worried about the cord, the wireless version is available for $99.95.

Both versions come in black, gray, and purple. They come in 3 sizes that are based on your hat size. If you don’t know your hat size off-hand, you can measure your head and match it up with the measurements given on the site for each SleepPhones size.

Perfect for a snoring mate, dorm room, or just anyone who likes to nod off listening to music or the sounds of nature (or, bacon on the griddle, for that matter.)

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