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If your beauty products seem to be dwindling faster than usual – especially that luxury mositurizer — the culprit may be the man in your life.  In a survey conducted by , 50 percent of British women confessed to catching men in their lives — father, husband, boyfriend, brother, etc — sneakily using approximately $30 worth of their beauty products a month.

Why are men so sneaky about “borrowing” their women’s All Day Moisturizer, Extra Firming Day Cream, or Under Eye Perfection serum? Some admit to being too embarrassed to shop for products for themselves – and the rest are just lazy couch potatoes.

Recognizing this burgeoning market, some companies have released beauty products aimed at these in-the-closet users.


Mario Badescu,who skincare line we love, now has a section just called “Men Products” with everything from shaving creams to a light moisturizer made with seaweed, and a post-shave balm smelling of peppermint. You know, manly scents. One package set is the non-threatening “Executive Kit” with all the products your man needs to “maintain fresher, younger, and clearer skin.”

So get him his own stuff. And for gosh sakes, show him that he doesn’t need to shovel on a 1/2 ‘ layer of cream for it to work!


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Evan Hosie has worked as a Women's Lifestyle editor/writer (expert in the beauty and fashion vertical); created the Pop Culture section for; never met a gadget she didn't want; and spends too much time on Social Media.

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