How much do we love the sexy high top ponytail? But since we’re hair-style challenged (even styling tools should come with the warning label, “Do Not Try This At Home!”) we rarely attempt anything more ambitious than a simple pony tail, tied back with an elastic.

Mika Fowler, celeb stylist at the Kim Vo Salon in the fancy Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills, must have had us in mind when she posted this easy-to-follow video tutorial.

With straight, fine hair like ours, we discovered the key is the to put in more “goop” (styling cream) which helps it stay in place. (Mika prefers to use “Japanese brand Hoyu gel oil and super hard wax.”) We think we look very French and glamorous, very Brigitte Bardot, vous ne pensez pas?

To learn how to make this sexy look, just check out the video.

To book an appointment with the Mika, call 310.860.7840. Tell them Celebzter sent you.

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