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‘Tis the season to drink!

Unfortunately we pay for the fun from the night before in a big way.

But what if you could wave holiday headaches goodbye? Well, you can: Never Hungover is the drink you drink before indulging in a tipple or two (or ten).

The amazing new beverage helps prevent hangovers and works by eliminating toxins created by alcohol and is made from a natural vitamin blend, and contains no calories no carbs and no sugars. You can even mix it with alcohol, like Zing Vodka.

If you forget to drink it before or during your drunken nights, then drink it when you get up. The product was seen on the “Doctors” a few months ago with Adrienne Maloof.

The celebs are also loving it! Lily Ghalichi, GG from Shah’s of Sunset, Jen Lilley (Days of Our Lives), Stacey Keibler, Stephen Glickman, Simon Rex  and some of the cast of Little Women LA ,and the likes of movie executive Mark Cartier love and feel this product is necessary for the holidays this season.

For more info visit and if you use the promo code Jen, you get 20% off.!

But remember: Be safe and don’t drink and drive.

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