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You’ll never be bored at a Betsy Johnson runway show, that much is guaranteed. This year was no exception, with drag queens, a transgender bride, and a former Beverly Hills Housewife (Camille Grammer ) strutting her designs down the catwalk.

Saying she was inspired by the modern day Marilyn Monroe, Johnson collection included bridal wear for the first time:

“The clothes are my first shot at all kinds of brides,” Johnson said. “It’s been the most fun to work on this show. A lot of kind of new, more abstract ideas: see-through plastic dresses and dresses made out of scuba fabric and horse hair.”

Taking the Monroe theme one step further, the hair was sexy and gorgeous, modeling the just-out-of-bed look.  Together with Rafe Hardy, Artistic Creative Director, and Nadirah Volpe, Master Artist for Sexy Hair, they came up with inspired styles for the runway using all Healthy, Sexy Hair products.

In case you want to try this at home, the step-by-step instructions are below:


Step 1:

Separate hair across back of head from top of ear to top of other ear. Clip top half out of the way.

Step 2:

Create a French braid on bottom section using a small amount of soy paste for control. Braid should start on top of one side and move across to opposite side, then turn back around at nape back to the side you started. Ends should be tucked between the two rows of braids and secured with pins. This will provide a very strong base for pinning ends of your faux bob.


Step 3:

Curl hair into a traditional set (on base figure 6 curls all facing downward with top Mohawk section curled toward back). For longer hair use a 1 inch iron. For shorter or more heavily layered hair, use a 1 1/4 inch iron.  Spray each section LIGHTLY with volumizing dry shampoo at roots and spray and play on ends before curling. Do not worry about having super clean sections as we don’t want any visible partings.

Betsy Johnson with model.

Betsy Johnson with model.

Step 4:

Remove pins from cooled curls. Starting at the bottom, closest to the braid, begin creating bob. Using a teasing comb, elevate and backcomb each curl at base first, then lightly from mid-shaft down to base, packing in tightly. Use pick end of comb to gently rake through and define ends. Spread out base area with fingers and pin mid-shaft to braid so defined ends hang freely.

Make sure pins are not visible.

Repeat with each curl making site there are no visible separations or partings at base. For thick hair use soy touchable as a working spray while sculpting the bob or for fine hair use get layered.

Note: when you get to the sides make sure the base is backcombed very tightly since there is no braided base underneath. Also, on the sides, if there are short enough pieces framing the face, do not backcomb these pieces.


If hair is very heavy, braid should extend to the sides as well.

Step 5:

On top, after back combing each curl, take a small piece and direct to lighter side, then take the majority of the curl and direct to the heavier side. This will ensure there is no hard part on top.  Depending on length of top, you may or may not need to secure these pieces with pins.

Step 6:

The two curls in the front will be the “fringe”. Backcomb HEAVILY if hair is very long, lightly if it is short, then use pick to smooth out outer surface. Make sure this piece covers forehead before being swept to the side.

Finish style with spray and play.






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