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Emerson College is keeping it classy. Today, Will Ferrell visited the school as his character of Ron Burgundy. From his thick mustache to his witty catchphrases Ferrell kept up his character’s persona throughout the entire day. The entire community – not just the Communications department — was buzzing with excitement. Fans of the Will Ferrell character (which would be just about everyone) kept a look out for the tacky bright red suit. Some students, such as our own reporter on the spot, hunted him down for a photo op. Reportedly, even the reserved president of the college, Lee Pelton, hugged Burgundy upon bumping into him.

Just for the day, Emerson is renaming one of their school’s , “The Ron Burgundy School of Communications”. While on campus the newsman held a press conference, anchored the Emerson’s T.V. station, and tonight plans on introducing his ‘masterpiece’, Anchorman 2, to the student body who gets an advance viewing. (The film opens wide December 18.)

Reporter, Gabby, far right.

Gabby, far right.

Don’t act like you’re not impressed.

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Gabriela Kula is currently a journalism major at Emerson College in Boston. She works for the WEBN channel, is in student government, and is a cheerleader there. If she's not involved, she's not happy.

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