This is Macklemore’s world; we’re just living in it. The American rapper and his partner in crime, Ryan Lewis, have had a monstrous year with their platinum 2012 album The Heist. And they’re not done yet.

Propelled by “Thrift Shop,” and “Same Love,” the duo are nominated for numerous Grammys and have been confirmed as performers at this years music extravaganza.

While we admit to stalking  following the singer on his Instagram, it’s news that the wonderkind wears the same brand of headphones we favor – the UrbanEars Plattan brand!

He posted this photo of himself in the “Tomato Zinkers,” while we are more of a purple lover. Otherwise, we’re like cousins (think we’re taking this fan thing a little far? Nah.)

Meanwhile, check out the new Fall/Winter UrbanEars’ colors!





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