The world of online casinos and casino games is a saturated market; players are at a great advantage as both online casinos as well as game developers are being forced to think outside the box to impress gambling enthusiasts to score a hit. Players are only frequenting games that manage to stand out and provide some extra engagement and good entertainment. One way developers are looking to attract players is through the concept of themed slots. 

What are themed slots? 

To put in the simplest possible terms themed slots are those slots games that are created on a central theme. Rather than just reels and rows, these games are based on a popular idea based on fiction, reality, famous personalities, latest trends, etc. While some developers just take a few central aspects of the theme and incorporate them into the game there are others who design slots with in-depth plots and storylines. 

Slots based on popular movies 

Slots can be based on various themes, but the most popular ones are movies. There are countless popular slots games based on popular movies. Today we are going to review some of the most popular ones. It is important to note here that we are considering only legitimate games with tie-ups to movie studios as legitimate games and a safe online casino to play the game can be the difference between a good and bad online slots experience! 

  1. Top Gun Slot

Remember the movie Top Gun starring Tom Cruise as Maverick? Imagine all the action-packed sequences you can remember, the super-fast jets firing the powerful missiles. And now imagine how spectacular it will be on a slots board and you will arrive at the popular Top Gun Slot game. 

With 5 reels, 3 rows and over 240 ways to win this is one of the best slots games based on action movies. The developers managed to incorporate all the characters from the movie except Maverick and various special features like the turbo mode, the Dogfight Wilds, Danger Free Games zone, etc. makes it engaging and exciting. 

  1. Superman II

Nobody can deny the cult-status of Superman! What started as the most popular superhero of DC Comics world, the world has seen numerous spin-offs, movies and numerous celebrities appraising the role. A part of the slots based on the DC Comics Superman II is a slots game you should certainly not miss. 

Based in the city of Metropolis this slots game is developed on the second Superman movie. It comes with the standard 5 reels and 3 rows slots board with 25 fixed pay lines. With the Royals as the low-value symbols and some of the popular characters and objects from the Superman movie as the high-value symbols, the S symbol denoting Superman is used as the Wilds; when activated the Superman Wild will just fly over the board substituting symbols. Other special features include the Daily Planet Headline bonus which provides rewards, bonuses, free spins and more!