The oil derived from the seeds of the Pomegranate is a common ingredient in beauty and cosmetic products, and with good reason. Loaded with antioxidants, vitamins K and C, potassium, copper, zinc and iron, it’s good to have internally (a glass of organic pom juice a day is recommended) and also great for skin. Think of it as the new Kale, except actually edible.

What it does:

1. It helps fight inflammation from skin breakouts.

2. It helps hydrate dry skin.

3. Anti-aging benefits.

4. Brings gloss back to damaged hair.

Pomegranates rejuvenate your skin both internally and externally. Tests have sh0wn the bright red juice is beneficial for the skin that is damaged due to sun exposure or aging, while the oil from pomegranate seeds helps strengthen the outside (epidermis) thus reducing or delaying wrinkles. Some beauty specialists claim that the fruit extends the life of the cells that are involved in the production of collagen and elastin, hence the anti-aging properties.

Here are a few of our favorite Pom beauty products:ZEA SKIN SOLUTIONS CLEAR SKIN SUPPLEMENT. $74.99 for a month. Even if you’re faithfully drinking a glass of Pom juice a day, you might not be getting enough so we like these daily supplements which help detoxify and balance your skin without over-drying.

Jane Iredalee Pommisst Hydration Spray ($30,  Full disclosure; we haven’t tried this one but the company claims the hydrating mist hydrates, conditions and protects the skin with its pomegranate extract. A refreshing spritz with this every day would certainly help our skin!


PharmaTheiss’ new line of Pomegranate skin care products has the anti-aging formula :

We tried the Pomegranate seed oil which hydrated well, plus we felt it had enough of the punicic acid and linoleic acid to strengthen the skin’s protective barrier. A big plus — most of their products are under $20!


Pomegranate Crush Illuminating Sheet Mask – Box of 10 $44.95. From BioRepublic Skincare come these super-hydrating masks. Our skin felt — and looked! — radiant after a 30-minute treatment.



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