For the Apple Shot on iPhone Challenge, shutter bugs sent in their best photos taken on…what else? …. the iPhone. 10 winners will be featured on billboards in select cities, in Apple retail stores and online. And before you ask; no, they weren’t all shot on the snazzy new (expensive) iPhone XS.

Alex Jiang (US), iPhone XS Max

Chen Man says: “This is a photo filled with lovely color and sense of story in the composition. Zooming in, you can see details of each family and their unique touch. The basketball hoop is placed right in the middle of the photo, adding more stories behind the image.”

Blake Marvin (US), iPhone XS Max

Austin Mann says: “This image took a lot of patience and great timing … with the iPhone’s zero shutter lag and Smart HDR, we’re able to see both the raccoon’s eyes and the deep shadows inside the log … something that would have previously been nearly impossible with natural light.”

Elizabeth Scarrott (US), iPhone 8 Plus

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