The winners of the London People’s Choice wildlife photo of the year, sponsored by The Natural History Museum, are in and they’re all amazing.

In our pick, British contestant Matthew Maran didn’t have to camp out for days in the outdoors, merely step outside.

Maran said he had been photographing foxes close to his home for more than a year, and once he saw the street art of a fox on a wall near him, he spent days trying to get a real-life fox in daylight (they usually came out at night. 

The photo of the affectionate lions took the big prize. Entitled “Bond of Brothers’, it was snapped in Tanzania by David Lloyd, a New Zealander living in the UK. In his description, Lloyd explained that the two animals had rubbed faces for around 30 seconds before they settled down again. ‘This illustrates the emotion and feeling of animals and emphasizes that this is not limited to humans’, he said.

Taken in South Africa, this photo is called ‘One Toy, Three Dogs.’ The Hungarian winner, Bence Mate, said the three African Wild dogs had all wanted to play with the leg of an impala and were trying to drag it in different directions, leading to this action shot where a part of the leg is in all three of the animals’ mouths.

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