Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that that this month marked the 50th anniversary of the Beatles’s first trip to America and their seminal appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show.What you might not know is that this fall is the anniversary of the ‘Beatles Runaway,” when a 13 year-old  Elizabeth Freedman decided to go visit the famous band in London.

She managed to buy a ticket and make her way to the UK (at 13!) Did she get to meet the Beatles? After the police located her and her Mom had flown over to bring her back, the band reached out an invited her to a show. Here she is pictured having the mop tops sign her LP’s.

The runaway is now back in the news,; after all these years, she is finally selling the signed “A Hard Day’s Night Album,” through  BeatlesAutographs.com for $60,000.

After being laid off from her job working as an attorney, says she can use the money from selling the prized possession. “It does seem like a good time right now because of the anniversary,” she says. “There has been a couple of news stories about Beatles albums selling for big money, so I’m hoping to get some good money for it.”

50 years? Seems like it was “Yesterday.”


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