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Now this is a fun festival! During the Batalla de Vino (Wine Battle) in Haro, northern Spain,  thousands of people celebrate the day of the patron saint of the town, San Pedro, with a trek to the mountainous crags of Bilibio. After a mass in honour of the fifth century hermit, St Felices de Bilibio, a giant battle ensues with participants using any method available to soak each other with cheap wine.

IF you do plan on going, here’s some recommendations:

Recommendations – If You’re Going…

If you are going to attend the Battle, we have the following suggestions:

  1. Dress in White – Like the saying goes, “When in Rome, do as the Romans.” In this case, that means you should dress in white, at least in an old white t-shirt. If you don’t, you’ll stand out like a sore thumb and become more of a target.
  2. Bring a Change of Clothing – No matter what, you’ll get wet, so bring a change of clothing because it is brisk in the morning when your clothing is soaking wet. That means a change of shoes and socks, too!
  3. Bring a Towel – Bring an old towel, so you can at least dry your hands and face.
  4. Come Armed – Be sure to bring a large squirt gun or bota (wine skin) filled with red wine. If you don’t, you’ll feel frustrated after being squirted a few times with wine, and wish you could “squirt back.”
  5. Bring Large Trash Bags – Trash bags? Yes! You’ll need them! Many people cover their car’s front bucket seats with large trash bags because they don’t change their clothes until they get back into town. Trust us, you don’t want to sit on the seats, rental or not, in wine-soaked clothing. Cover the seats in plastic and bring an extra bag for your wet clothes.


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