Iconic photographer Terry O’Neill passed away at 81. Credited with capturing the famous faces of music, film, and fashion Terry O’Neill was in a class all his own. Here are a few of our favorites.

O’Neill convinced Faye Dunaway to meet him at the pool of the Beverly Hills Hotel at dawn if she won. “I told her to bring the Oscar. I always wanted to capture what it felt like the next day. Not the image you’d see in the papers of the star holding up the award with all the lights and cameras, but I wanted to capture the moment it all sinks in, that your asking price has just skyrocketed and you can have any role in the world. I wanted to capture the morning after.”

Model Jean Shrimpton poses at a dolls’ hospital in London with a large array of patients, 1964.

Michael Caine and Swedish actor Camilla Sparv, circa 1966
Caine said: “Terry was a historian whose camera captured the resurgence and energy of this revolution.”

“Terry O’Neill captured us on the street, and that made all the difference. Terry captured the time,” said the band’s manager, Andrew Loog Oldham.

Actor Dustin Hoffman wearing three pairs of sunglasses and collecting change in his hat on New York’s East Side, 1969.



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