Viruses are pathogens that cause different diseases like colds and flu, and the coronavirus is no different. Aside from good hand washing, what else can you do to bolster your immunity? A vaccine could slow, or stop the spread of this flu virus epidemic, but what about the next one?

We as human animals have an incredible immune system, run by my favorite vitamin, that’s really a hormone, vitamin D. I introduced some of my characters last week, the “Heroes of light”, and today I want to introduce Johnny Neutrophil, when it comes to pathogens like viruses, fungus and bacterium, this guy is a murder machine! He fires protein torpedoes at pathogens, like viruses that kill on contact.



Neutrophils are one type of immune cells that our bodies produce to protect us from infective agents like viruses. All of our immune cells, including B cells and even killer T cells produce the potent antimicrobial proteins your body uses to attack and kill those invaders. There is only one caveat, all of your immune cells need an evolutionary level of vitamin D to create those proteins, to be able to kill on contact. D3 should always be taken with vitamin K2, and Magnesium, I call them “the terrific trio” because they all work together, and Mother Nature favors collaboration! This combination, D3, and K2 is also protective against osteoporosis.


Most people will need at least 5000 IU of D3 to achieve that level, well over 40 ng/ml Keeping your own immune system in tip-top shape, though I tell my patients to stay above 50 ng/ml always.

Vitamin D is your body’s main thermostat for the season, and when your D level is low, your body thinks its winter. Lower D levels tell your body to store fat, and power down all non-essential functions, and sadly that means your immune system.

Don’t get stuck in permanent winter, bolster your own immune system, and give Johnny neutrophil, and all your immune cells enough energy to fight off any cold or flu virus. Viruses will come and go, protect yourself and loved ones with the power of sunshine.

The Future is Bright!

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