Did you know that having a dog can potentially lower your risk of dying from cardiovascular diseases?

That’s right, having a pet could save your life. According to a 2017 study which followed 3.4 million people in Sweden. The results found that having a dog could decrease the participants risk of death by 33%.

There are many health benefits to having pets, check out our 6 surprising ways pets can improve your health.

1. Keep Active

Pets make you go outside more, which can have significant health benefits for you. When it is winter and dull outside, people are less likely to go out. However, if you have a dog you have to take them for a walk, come rain or shine.

According to PETSPRING, people who walk their dogs everyday are less likely to experience obesity problems, because they are keeping active.

2. Lower Blood Pressure

Having a pet, such as a dog, can help to lower your blood pressure because of the regular exercise that you are doing. Due to the regular exercise, you can also expect to have a healthier heart.

3. Relieve Stress

Having a pet, such as a cat or a dog, can help to relieve symptoms of stress. Petting your dog or cat can release a relaxation hormone in you which makes you feel calmer and less stressed.

Petting your dog or cat can also help them feel more relaxed. So spending time with your furry friend and stroking them is a win-win for both of you!

4. Improve Your Immune System

Having a pet can improve your immune system because pets attract dirt and allergens. According to a study, infants who grew up with a dog had stronger immune systems and were less likely to suffer from allergies or eczema during their lives.   

Another study found that newborns who lived with cats were less likely to develop asthma as a child and were at a lower risk of pneumonia and bronchiolitis.










5. Boost Your Mood

Having a pet can help keep feelings of loneliness and isolation away. This is because there is a chemical response that happens within your body when you interact with your pet. Your body releases serotonin, which helps to keep your mood balanced and makes you feel good.

Many studies have shown that serotonin levels in people all increase when interacting with animals. From older men in veteran hospitals who were exposed to an aviary filled with songbirds, to depressed college students who spent time with dogs and reported that they felt more positive afterward.

6. Social Magnets

Pets (especially dogs) can help you connect with other people. For example, when you take your dog for a walk, people might come up to you and ask you about your dog.

Your pets can also be a great break-the-ice topic to talk about with people you have just met and can spark interactions and begin friendships.











Pets Are Magical

There’s no denying that pets have a magical power that can help improve the health of their human friends and owners. Who doesn’t want to be healthier, both mentally and physically?

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