Leef iBridge mobile memory 1

You know the dilemma — do you buy the iPhone with more memory and just pony up all that extra moola? OR, do you just buy the iBridge from Leef, a handy little gizmo that adds either 16 GB ($60) up to 256 GB ($400) to iPhone, iPad, or iPod? That’s what we thought.

 Use your new iBridge  to back up contacts and photos; or shoots photos and videos right to the iBridge; and transfer, PLUS it can view and share a variety of files to and from the iBridge and your computer, other devices and friends.

Leef iBridge mobile memory 2

Since you can charge your phone while using the iBridge,  it won’t slow down your online life. Not that you need it, you tech wizard you, but here’s an easy-to-follow video on how to use the mobile storage device.


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