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You might be surprised to hear that Michael’s on Naples (Long Beach), a fine dining establishment better known for it’s exquisite Italian food, has a Monday evenings  ‘Meatball Night.’ For the summer, Michael’s is throwing a party on it’s patio rooftop with Negroni’s and meatballs galore. And you’re invited.

Negroni, a classic Italian cocktail.

Negroni, a classic Italian cocktail.

Unbutton your collar and order yourself a Negroni or a ice-cold Italian beer, while deciding between the traditional meatball of beef, pork and veal, served with a fried egg or over pasta. (We recommend getting both.) Start with the fresh arugula salad topped with slices of  Parmigiano-Reggiano (the real Italian parmesan cheese) and a light dressing, then indulge in the mozzarella meatballs, followed by the classic meatballs and then — if you still have room — order the chicken meatballs. While we didn’t find the traditional meatballs to be spicy enough, the chicken ones were just perfect.


At this point your attentive waiter will want to know if you wish to stick with Negronis’. The answer is ‘No,’ since the taste of the cocktail doesn’t do anything for the flavor of the food. Ask for recommendations on a robust red or better yet, a Chianti,which pairs nicely with the rustic meatballs.

Meatball with fried egg.

Meatball with fried egg.

Take a break between courses and enjoy the music – a stand-up bassist and keyboard (!) — so you have room for dessert. The pace is unhurried and the staff encourages lingering.

Rated by Zagat as one of the top L.A. restaurants, Michael’s on Naples is having some fun with it’s #BetterThanYourMoms (shouldn’t that be ‘Mamas’?) meatballs. The mood is festive, the cocktails perfectly made and the food is just right for a summer evening. 

Cocktails start at $7 and meatballs are $12. For the next Meatball Monday, check their Facebook page or call (562) 439-7080. Make sure to get their early though since when we we visited there was a run on meatballs and we got one of the last platters. 

Michael’s On Naples Ristorante

                       5620 East 2 St.nd

                       Long Beach, California 90803

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