Picture yourself waking up at a decent hour, pouring your coffee, sitting down in front of your computer, and getting ready for you workday without leaving the house.

It’s a dream we all have. Working flexible schedules, having increased productivity, and earning money from the comfort of our home. It’s possible and there’s many different ways to make money from home. 

Whether you’re a parent who wants to work from home or you’ve slaved your way with a company for over 20 years and need a change of pace, anyone can start a business at home. Here are my top favorite ways to make money from home:

  •  Virtual Assistants

Another good business idea is to become a virtual assistant. A full-time virtual assistant is a business owner’s right-hand companion. They are delegated tasks to be done in a specific time frame to help the business owner. Think of it as an administrative assistant position with the luxury of running the business at home.

Virtual assistants have the opportunity to make a great living. They can earn upwards between $50 to $100 an hour. The spike in need for virtual assistants continues to grow. The market, since 2015, has grown to $630 million dollars.

If you’re interested in becoming a virtual assistant you can find gigs through UpWork, Fiverr, Freelancer, or TaskRabbit. From this point, you can accumulate clientele and build up your business within months.


  • Copywriting

This home business may seem easier than the rest, but it can be just as time-consuming and difficult. You have to be really skilled at copywriting or editing to turn this into a business. Luckily, there is a high demand for copywriters.

All you need is your laptop, a way with words, and finding clients who are searching for writers like you! Copywriters can charge anywhere from $25 to $4000 per project! The price depends on factors such as experience, quality of work, and overall value the client will receive. 

Establishing yourself is a crucial component to growing in the industry. Knowing the right people to work with and how to sell your services will affect the outcome. Picking the right niche to focus on, meaning what type of copy you want to focus on. 

Lastly, building yourself a strong and presentable portfolio that shows off your talent and skills will attract new clients. 



  •  Web Design

Not everyone has design expertise. That’s why they look for web designers to help them create a spectacular looking website that reflects their business and brand. If you studied web design in school and want to expand your horizons, building a web design business will benefit you.

The less techy people look for web designers to create sleek and professional designs for their websites. The pros of starting a home web design business is that they are always in high demand, your creativity can flourish, you can work from anywhere, and scale your business over time. 

Take the time to perfect your craft. Continuously learning and practicing will take some time. Once you have a portfolio to show for, you can then start running a web design business. Remember, good things take time.


  •  Personal Trainer

IF you’re a gym rat, this one’s for you! The health and fitness industry is growing and continues to become more popular. 

Kale diets and flat tummies are in, you can easily make money since there are many people looking to get fit and healthier.This is your chance to educate others and help them build their confidence and muscle. 

Starting an at-home business in personal training will consist of completing your personal training certification, getting registered and licenced, choosing your location (gym), obtaining liability insurance to cover any possible injuries your clients endure, and marketing your business on multiple platforms.

As long as you have these you will be able to start your personal training business in no time. This is the perfect ideal for fitness lovers as they can work on a decent schedule and take as many clients per day as they are able to. 

If health, wellness, and fitness is your passion, this is the right way to make money from home!

  • Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is when someone searches for a product that they love and promote the product in order to receive a commission from a person or company. This type of marketing is used as an effective strategy for sharing profit.

The three parties that must be involved are: seller and product creators who are not actively involved in the marketing process but solely create, the affiliate or advertiser who does the work of marketing the product to appeal to consumers, and the consumer who makes the purchase.

Once the consumer purchases the product, the affiliate will receive a portion of the revenue made. This can be an effective way to make money from home where you focus only on advertising the product in hopes of consumers increasing the profit.

There are several ways affiliate marketers get paid. It can be by pay per sale where  the affiliate will only get paid once the product has been invested in for a percentage of the price. 

There is pay per lead where the affiliate is compensated based on conversion rate. Lastly, and most often used, is pay per click where each time a consumer clicks on the products website from the affiliate’s marketing efforts, they will receive payment. 

Onlinecasinogems.com as a clear example of an affiliate marketing company in the casino space. You can tell because every time you click on a link that takes the user to a different site, you get to see a referral code appended to the URL after a new site is loaded. 


  • Social Media Consultant

IF you’re not on social media it can seem as though you’re missing out on a lot. You definitely are missing an important piece in your business puzzle if you haven’t grasped the concept of marketing through social media platforms.

To fix this problem, you can become a Social Media Consultant. These consultants will book a call with you and acquire information about your business and target audience. They help with branding and consistency, among many other things. 

In America, there is a predicted 9% increase within the next 10 years for social media consultants. 

If you have a knack for social media and have a clear understanding of branding, audience, and strategy, this is the home business you should be starting.

  1. Photographer

Calling all shutterbugs! 

If you can bring a vision to life, use angles, or take amazing candids, you can pull off a photography business from home. 

You can focus on model, headshots, weddings, parties, or any type of event. People love quality photos and the better they are, the more money you can make. 

First, you should learn the camera inside and out, learn and practice every day, and get friends and family to help you build a portfolio. You will also need computer hardware that can produce the images you need and learn editing tools like Adobe Photoshop.


  • Coaching

Lastly, a very common home business is coaching. Someone may have told you they have a coach, and not like a football or hockey coach, but a life coach. You can be a life coach, career coaching, skills coaching, business coaching, or executive coaching. 

You will need a desire to work with people closely and really delve into their life and thoughts. After choosing your niche of coaching you will need specific credentials and a certification. 

Coaching is a great way to make money from home because it will consist of many calls with clients and having deep discussions. This gig is for the conversationalists and life-long learners. This one requires patience and people skills. 

I highly recommend starting a business from home because it allows you to discipline yourself, stay focused, create a schedule, and it simply feels good to be self-employed. The opportunities are endless!