There’s no doubt in any one’s mind that Caitlyn Jenner’s ESPY award speech made her the star of show, with her desire to help empower others struggling with gender issues, resonating the world over.

Caitlyn opted not to walk the red carpet — it wasn’t the attention she wanted. She wanted her speech, not her new look, to be the real focus.

The Jenner and Kardashian clan came out in force to support her and the only one I didn’t run into was momager Kris (but heard she was there), and of course Rob was a “NO SHOW”, as he opted out and to stay out of this and his whole families, media spot light and craziness that night.

The Jenner/ Kardashian clan

The Jenner/ Kardashian clan

One thing I found to be ironic was how the star-studded audience reacted to her when the camera was on them as opposed to backstage.

Backstage, everyone from staff, crew and other athletes were nice to Caitlyn to her face, but once she was out of hearing range, it was a totally different story.

The buzz backstage and from a lot of the production staff  and crew, as well as from other athletics was that “there was a major deal to bump-up and raise the viewers and ratings, that have be steadily declining over the years and that’s why Caitlyn was picked for the award.
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Her appearance certainly did help yield those results.
Other athletics said off camera that it wasn’t fair and they basically said that the ESPY Awards SOLD OUT to the media and PR for their own gain.

“It was a joke, ” one told me. “It was just for free press for the show.”

Others said that it “cheapened the awards show and what it used to stand for”.

Even Derek Jeter had his views on the whole night & Caitlyn’s award being the focus of the awards show and media event that whole night.

For me, it was a night to remember — for all the right reasons.


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