In the last decade, there’s been a revolution in gadgets, from smart phones to cars that drive themselves. But the one area that remained firmly stuck in the past was luggage. That’s when it hit GeniusPack CEO  Alfred Chehebar:

I felt the current offering of luggage & travel bags in the market was lacking tremendously in terms of design and innovation. This really came to my realization when it was time for me to purchase new luggage. I stumbled that there were no exciting products in the market and realized there was an opportunity to create a brand that focuses solely on travel gear that makes the process as convenient as possible. And so that’s where Genius Pack was born.


So what’s so clever about the Genius 22″ spinner? (We tested the black 22″ carry-on, made of ‘abrasion-resistant’ material, with 4 spinner wheels. Dimensions: 22 x 14 x 9 in.  Capacity: 44 L  Weight: 7.8 lbs.)

Charging our phone from GeniusPack mobile charger.

Charging our phone from GeniusPack mobile charger.

If we had to pick our favorite feature, from the 17 patent-pending additions, it would be the capacity to charge your electronics with a slim mobile charger (sold separately, $28) in a built-in compartment. The first time we took it out for a spin we noted the envious — and a few perplexed — looks from fellow passengers as they noticed my iPhone plugged into my luggage. (The new gen can now recharge your smartphone 2 times over.) Innovative features like an integrated checklist so you never forget your hair brush again, and built in packing bags for socks, undergarments and chargers help keep you organized. You’ll never need an old-fashioned packing list like this again.


But the most useful contraption may be the exterior laundry chute for dirty — or wet –stuff with compression technology. Just throw laundry in the side section without having to open the bag and then compress it by rolling it until the air seeps out the air valve. Voila! More room for all those tchotchkes you picked up on your trip. At the end of your travels, it zips out so you can take it straight to the dry cleaners/ laundry. That’s also top Genius Alfred Chehebar favorite feature:

My favorite is Laundry Compression Technology, which is a unique patented feature that allows travelers to compress their laundry contents and then expels the air through an integrated air-valve. It’s great because # 1, no one wants their dirty laundry touching the rest of their contents in their bag and # 2, it compresses down up to 50% of the original volume, so you’re saving a lot of space.


There’s also a handy pocket on the top of the bag for a mini umbrella (sold separately) so you don’t have to go digging through your bag if it’s pouring at your destination. Magazines stow in a handy pocket on the back of the spinner, easily accessible and there’s even a pop-out pocket for your water bottle on the side. Jacket? There’s a place for that too with the clever ‘jacket wrap’ cord that stows that raincoat securely on top the bag. For those who must have music at all times, there’s an optional speaker you can purchase which fits cleverly in it’s own pocket in the luggage.

Genius umbrella

Genius umbrella

And if you’re coming back with more luggage than you set off with (always the case with us) your Genius expands up to 25%. The Genius’ thought of everything, like the classy, retractable ID card on one side, perfect size for a typical business card, comfortable extra-padded neoprene handle, an add-a-bag strap and over-sized zipper pulls make this bag a joy to travel with. When was the last time you said that about your luggage?

 Lola Doxie checks out the GeniusPack bag.

Lola Doxie checks out the GeniusPack bag.

So we wondered what was next so asked the resident Genius and CEO Alfred what they’re working on for the 4th generation bag.

We’re working on something exciting for our 4th generation carry-on which we can’t fully disclose as of yet. Think solar and think power. Something along those lines!

And all students, take notes ; the company offers 10% off to all (just verify your student status with access  with UNiDAYS®.)

For a bag with all these features you’d expect to pay, what, $500? Instead it’s $238. It’s our favorite new gadget.

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