This summer we saw gold and silver ‘tattoos’ showing up on everyone, from celebs to Coachella fans. At night, the light catches them just as it would jewelry, creating a luminous look.

So we did some digging and discovered ‘Mr. Kate’ BeautyMarks “The New Makeup” : a collection of gold, silver, or black foil designs to adorn your face and body, plus watercolor tattoos that let your inner spirit girl out.

The hand-drawn designs are applied just like faux tattoos and can be cut up and worn in any way to accent your style. We tested them and they lasted easily 4 days (to remove use baby oil.)

Each packet of BeautyMarks contains two sheets of BeautyMarks–one in each design set, as shown in the photograph.

Get all 3 color options in the 3-Pack Variety Set for $32 and SAVE (value of $36).



We got a few extras for our girlfriends. We’re good that way.

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