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Whether you’re a 12th man or think Brady is wicked awesome, there is no doubt that this Super Bowl Sunday you will be hanging with the bros, shouting at the big screen, making stupid bets and throwing back some big boy cocktails.

Why not celebrate America’s biggest game with a purely American drink, Moonshine. Yep, Moon-fricken-shine!!   Come on, what’s more American than a liquor that has a history steeped in the Appalachian mountains and distilled by bearded homesy folk who know how to make musical instruments out of a tin can and a string… and I’m talking about the womenfolk too!

Sugarland Distilling Company in Gatlinburg Tennessee is the Mecca of moonshine and they have 8 amazing flavors that that guaranteed to knock you on your ass while rooting for your favorite team, in my case, Go Hawks!  But I wouldn’t send you to the tailgate without being your cocktail guinea pig-skin, it would be un-American of me, so here goes…

Silver Cloud is a pretty standard Moonshine and at 100 proof, will put hair on your chest.  For the uninitiated, you can compare it to vodka but smoother and stronger and more Southern.  If you are a purist, this is perfect for you, you can taste the liquor and feel the burn. Enough of this stuff and it will make Gronk look like a prom queen!

If you want your ‘shine to have a flavor with its punch than you’re in luck, Sugarland teamed up with TV’s Moonshiners’ Mark Rogers to come up with their first 70 proof moonshine, American Peach.  He learned how to make moonshine at the tender age of 8… legal issues aside, the man knows his ‘shine, so when he says try this, I gotta try this… and damn, this is Marshawn Lynch running into the end zone good! And with just the right amount of sweet peach that it cuts the burn.

Another Moonshiner making his mark is Steven Ray Tickle with his Tickle’s Dynamite Cinnamon and it will knock you on your ass!!    This stuff is dangerous, but in a wickedly awesome way.  You have no idea that you are drinking Moonshine, you just think you are sucking down on some deceptively strong Red Hots, and then all of a sudden… Whammo!!

For something more ladylike but still packing a punch try their Southern Sweet Tea, just like a real Southern miss, this is not to be messed with.  You think it’s all charming and delightful and sorority-like and then it kicks you in the teeth and laughs at you when you fall down the stairs and your skirt flies over your head….or was that just me??

You can see the theme here… all the flavors are deviously delicious and then they get in your grill and make you silly.  Plus, as an added bonus the Sugarland Distilling Company packs all their moonshine in authentic mason jars that are absolutely kitschy and re-useable.

Your Super Bowl party will be a hit with Sugarland Moonshine that is if you can remember it!



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