Women have a zillion beauty sites to turn to for advice, new product info., or just a place to share tips and zits. Where do men turn for advice on “manscaping;” whether they’re shaving correctly (probably not); if they should take care of their little piggies (yes); and all the basics, such as “Skin Care 101” and how to “put the ‘man’ back in manicure?” Other than the occasional piece in Esquire (we read it just for the articles) there aren’t many pit-stops.

That’s why the PRZMAN site is performing a PSA almost, with his entertaining grooming/advice site.  From shaving products and informative videos, to answering questions like “should a man have flowers in his apartment?” to, of course, “SEX,” the site is a treasure-trove of knowledge. And not just for men. We learned quite a few things, girlfriends. If you’re having trouble getting your man to take care of his feet (ewwww!) hope he reads the article “No Shoes, No Service” which declares “Cover Your Hooves!” and advises on pedicures, athletes foot, and flip-flops.

Secrets to a Six-Pack.

Secrets to a Six-Pack.

Even though we felt like we were spying, we read the “Embarrassing Stuff” section with fascination. But don’t let on to your boyfriend/ husband/partner that you checked it out – best that he think of this as his manly turf, to read in his prehistoric man-cave. He’ll love the irreverent style and the man-to-man talk. How did we get our hubby to read the site, with hopes that some of the grooming tips would rub off on him? We casually presented him with a gift of the shaving products (“Easy Shave” and “Happy Ending”) but let him know he’d need to order from the site next time. Done and DONE! We recently interviewed Pirooz Sarshar, the man behind the magic:

If our man isn’t very well groomed, how can we convince him to start taking more care with his appearance?

Usually, when men aren’t groomed it isn’t because they’re out of touch. Men know what they know about grooming based on what they learned from a father figure, role model or significant other. You have to start with the basics and you must give them tools or products that show them results. If a guy you know has a really bad haircut, treat him or buy him a gift certificate to a nice salon that specializes in men’s hair. Most men dread the act of shaving, so get him quality shave solutions rather than the science experiment (typical can of foam shaving cream). One of the best ways to teach men to wash their face, because believe it or not it’s a foreign concept to a lot of men, is to show them how having a clean mug helps eliminate razor drag. Washing your face helps remove build up and the dead skin that usually gets in the way of the razor and the face.

Re_MG_0027What do you consider the biggest mistakes men make when it comes to grooming? 

Most men rush, they don’t take their time. Look at how many guys have spots on their face after shaving, because they simply didn’t take the time to stretch or even feel their skin. Today the average guy is still the average guy; confused about his look and appearance. Then, you have kids on shows like the Jersey Shore who have hair outlines, extremely waxed brows, manscaped chests, and the overdone tan, which is the quickest way to enhance the signs of aging. skinface

If we wanted to gift our man 3 basic grooming products, what would you recommend?

Sticking to the concept of getting quick results, I would say eye cream or serum. Get something that helps eliminate the dark circles or bags from under the eyes. Followed by some quality powder that he could use in his underwear to keep everything fresh and dry. And finally, this isn’t a product but a tool, I would gift him a nose and ear hair trimmer. As men age, starting in our mid-twenties, weird things start to happen. Hair that’s supposed to grow on our scalp suddenly ends up in the wrong places. Screen Shot of Travel Kit How did you come up with the idea for your site? (It’s handy — and hysterical, btw.)

For years, I’ve had a lot of men following me and I’ve coached many, many guys with their grooming. After most of these guys trusted me with their grooming needs, they began asking me things like, ‘how do I make tuna tartar; is it okay to have flowers in my home; what kind of underwear should I buy; what’s the difference between a carb and protein?’ As I started answering these questions, more and more questions came. Each day I kept thinking what could I do to help these guys and other men, so that they felt attractive and confident in every environment. And so, PRZMAN was born. 

Should men prune below the belt?

Should men prune below the belt?

Now tell us a little about yourself, i.e. are you single, what is your biggest vice, what is the strangest question a reader has ever asked you (let’s keep this PG) :

My life revolves around working out. I box, go to boot camp, or end up at Pilates, depends on the day, trainer and mood, but everyday I do some form of exercise. I also believe in meditating and practicing gratitude; it keeps me grounded and reminds me to smile and laugh everything off. I have to read quite a bit for my job, which allows me to get my mind in a place where I can write content on coaching men, which is something I do every day. My biggest vice is food – I love to cook. I cook pretty much every day, but not your typical stuff. I’m really into recreating complicated food. Note: Here’s the link to his article : How To Stock The Perfect Fridge.

Someone needs to give this man his own TV show! Put it on ESPN, where men live. Right, girls?

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