The story of Lizabeth.

The beautiful blonde wasn’t sure if she wanted to go back to her natural color — a light brown– or to add more highlights. One thing is for sure, she’s tired of having roots! So she asked the celeb colorist, Toyomi Ishikura, at the Kim Vo salon in Beverly Hills, what’s a girl to do?

“She is so bubbly and has such a sweet cute personality that I wanted to give her summer happy golden blonde hair!” said Toyomi. “I knew I could do a balayage treatment and create very soft ombre hi-lights that won’t look ‘stripy’ so when the roots grow in it will look natural.”

Toyomi made Lizabeth a ‘golden blonde’ rather than an ‘ash blonde’  so ‘she would look very summerly and healthy with her beautiful olive skin.’


Now that Lizabeth is ecstatic about her hair color, it’s celeb stylist Mika’s turn, who opted to give her a casual, summer layered style, using her unique dry cut.

Mika : ‘I wanted  to make her image beachy as possible, so I cut the bottom hair with a  slicing technique, then I added a concave layer higher then the middle layer, which gives lots of movement on the top and side. At the same time, this non-connected hair cut gives the bottom piecy-ness and swing.’

End of story: Lizabeth walks out the salon, happy as a lark with her new style. Fairy Tale ending.

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