Most styling creams, gels or foams leave our hair flatter than a pancake.With bone-straight hair, we’ve always longed for just a little curve, bounce or some height. Living Proof claimed their new styling styler, cleverly named “Perfect Hair Day (PHD)’ which is applied in the shower and lightly rinsed out, would solve all of our hair woes. And guess what? It did!

Letting it air dry as is my usual routine, our hair had more body and some ‘style’ — I can’t wait to try one of the site’s tips, ie braiding it at night or scrunching it for a tousled look. The site says that it’s their thickening molecule (PBAE) which creates the fuller, shinier hair. We look salon-perfect, yet natural.

PHD is silicone and sulfate free so hair feels soft with no residue. 2 oz.for $12 or 5 oz. for $24.

It’s a keeper.