Today we stopped washing our skin. At least, we’re not using our Clarisonic sonic cleaner anymore (We’ve had the “Mia” model for years.)

The new ‘Luna’ by Foreo is our new go-to for clean skin. Also based on sonic technology, the silicone touch-points of the hand-held Luna are gentler on the skin than the Clarisonic bristle brush, which our dermatologist warned us should be only be used once or twice a week.(Note: Everyone’s skin is different so check with your doctor.)

The company claims the ‘T-sonic’ pulsations unclog pores of dirt, makeup and oil  but also dead skin cells, which aids in the absorption of our anti-aging creams.

lifestyle-products_MINIHaving tried it for a week, we’re impressed. Not only is it fast (they recommend one minute), but if feels good and our skin is clean, without any abrasive worries.

With two cleansing modes, you can adjust for your skin, and its completely waterproof so you can take it in the shower. And because the Luna is non-porous, it doesn’t harbor bacteria and you don’t need to buy replacement heads like the Clarisonic ($25 a pop.)

We got the Luna Mini ($139) because we wanted a compact size for travel but the regular sized is $199.

Sooo, the Clarisonic has gone in the beauty grave-yard, with all the other devices, and our little Luna is here to stay.





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