LA Christine is a flourishing skin care company with berry face oil ingredients ideal for women ( and men too!) It has a reputation for use by models, to moms. And now it gets the ultimate test: Being used by beautiful women athletes who have to undergo extreme conditions. 

The berry enriched skin care system is   being tapped by the creators and organizers of a challenging outdoor women’s sports event series  which will include top female outdoor athletes in a series called The Lotus Games.  


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LA Christine is a Scandinavian (Finland) all natural skin care product. Made with No 3 Berry Face Oil.  Healthy skin is the foundation of beauty. For centuries, Europe has been known for many of the world’s most sought-after skin treatments. And in one of Europe’s most northernmost countries, Finland, the beauty of both its people and landscapes is legendary. Here in this pristine Nordic land, ageless traditions abound. Saunas, spas, natural ingredients and other elements of a healthy lifestyle are at the center of their culture. Halfway around the world, Southern California has also long been defined by an embrace of a natural, healthy, active lifestyle. No3_Berry_Face_Oil_grande L.A. Christine unites Scandinavian tradition with Californian innovation. The company’s mission is to tap the best of the Old and New World in offering luxury skincare products for an active lifestyle. No matter where you live it.

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No3 Berry Face Oil is enriched with a cocktail of potent antioxidants and vitamins. Just a drop or two goes a long way in enhancing the skin’s elasticity and giving it a youthful glow by keeping it hydrated all day long. Compared to creams, many of which are wax-based and sit on the surface of the skin, this therapeutic oil works with the skin’s natural oils, deeply penetrating to nourish, heal and sooth. It quickly absorbs without an oily residue, smoothing wrinkles and stretch marks, and helping makeup go on smoother. For all weather conditions and skin types (normal, oily, dry). May also be used on the hands, feet, body, even as a hair conditioner.  


(above)- Lea Fulton, founder of L.A. Christine, is also from from Helsinki, Finland. She now lives in Beverly Hills, CA with her husband Douglas and two children  Daniel and Coco. Lea grew up in the harsh cold winters of Finland and now the hot dry summers of California. With a lifetime of traveling throughout Europe and adapting to various climates, she experienced the dramatic effect nature had on her skin. Inspired by the need for her own natural skincare solutions and a passion to be involved with good causes around the planet, Lea decided to create her “Second Act”. She took Finland’s healthy lifestyle and skin care heritage, combined with her former career as an international television – film producer and she launched L.A. Christine. A luxury boutique beauty brand born of Mother Nature and human need.

  LA Christine to be included for use by women athletes in “The Lotus Games” and “Lotus  Beauty Awards” where it dares to be used in  the ultimate  test to protect skin care of beautiful women in an harsh outdoor sporting events: lotusgamesfashion2

The Lotus Games is an all women’s sports and beauty series where Olympians,  pro surfers, champion figure ice skaters and other women athletes come together for  for a televised month long series of events. The women also have the looks that drive Madison Avenue campaigns and  with beautiful women braving the hot sun to the ocean elements , this will make it a great test for the ingredients of skin care brand LA Christine. The Lotus Beauty Awards held in Malibu on August 28th, 2014 was also heralding top models who are active in ocean causes and LA Christine was there to participate in the lovely beauty event both on and off the red carpet.   xan-rogersbest Xan Rogers ( above) 3 X  USA Masters Champion in Swimming will crossing new boundaries from the ocean surf to desert sun and will be applying the LA Christine  topical skin care formulation, before, during and after sporting events.

sierra mercier   3x Triple USA Figure Skating Champion Sierra Mercier, one of the 10 female athletes participating in beauty and sports during The Lotus Games. where skin care is challenged from freezing cold to hot weather conditions.

Lotus  Beauty Awards top model ( above) Maryna Sokolovska  is from Russia and now living in the USA and also received  the LA Christine skin care system to help support her in her continued career where great skin is the difference in booking jobs for models.  


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