Tweed is one of those fabrics that people either love or hate. The reason there are numerous enthusiasts is that not many people know how to style this fabric. A stylish tweed jacket can help elevate your style with this fabric.

In recent years, tweed has made a comeback. What’s more, the fabric is increasingly growing popular even among celebrities. Thankfully, this article will take you through the best ways to style a tweed jacket.



If your jacket is lurking at the back of your closet and you’re thinking of wearing it, you’ll soon discover how to style this material for whatever occasion.

How to Style a Man’s Tweed Jacket

Unfortunately, many tweed jackets remain unused, gathering dust simply because the material has always been difficult to pull off. It might surprise you to discover that it’s not that hard to determine key pieces to match your jacket, particularly because it typically pairs with casual outfits more than old-school formal styles.

Obviously, this is dependent on the tweed and intertwined pattern. A traditional khaki or green jacket is the quintessential tweed. The style is more casual than a blazer, making it more versatile. You might believe it’s less wearable, but it doesn’t need to be.

Determining the ideal shirt to wear beneath is a good starting place. You’ll have more options if you go for a classic oxford shirt, which features a subtle pattern for those who like being fashion-safe. If you’re more of a risk-taker, you should try pairing your jacket’s accent color to that of a checked shirt.



If you find white is too formal, choose a color that’s within the pattern and ensure the shirt’s color matches as closely as possible. If you opt for the formal route, match it with smart shoes and plain trousers, for instance, loafers or leather brogues.

A matching waistcoat can give you the perfect wedding or party look. If you’re seeking a more casual outfit, you can include a pair of boots and jeans for a perfect look for the upcoming winter months. Grey is an ideal palette cleanser to match with numerous tweed styles because it prevents the outfit from appearing too dark.

You might find a grey or brown tweed jacket is more versatile with your items of clothing. You can dress down slightly more than with green tweed. Even a plain white t-shirt beneath could do paired with trainers and jeans if you wish.

During the cold months, consider wearing a polo-neck beneath for extra warmth. If you aren’t fond of jeans, a pair of cord trousers or chinos will add a more customized look to the outfit. Remember, even your shoes could make an outfit, which means you could get away with canvas trainers or deck shoes.

Just make sure you don’t end up being overly casual because shorts or joggers don’t match with tweed. During winter, tweed is an excellent layering piece. For a casual feel, you could try a jumper.




Tips to Style Women’s Tweed Jackets

Tweed is an excellent, unisex style, so numerous of the tips that apply to men apply to women as well. The key is getting a fitting jacket, but it shouldn’t be too tight either.

Determine whether you’ll wear fleeces or jumpers to establish how snug a fit you seek. Since tweed often comes in a range of colors for women, it doesn’t take as long to coordinate the colors in the pattern. You’ll find that pink is frequently embedded in the pattern, making it an excellent shade.

Your shirt is equally an excellent means of showing off some personality. If you want a more monochromatic look, including a pop of color via accessories is always an excellent and cheaper choice.

Shoes can be a focal point, giving you more choices. Like men, you could opt for the more formal route with smart heels or brogues. Alternatively, you could tone down the look with ballet flats, boots, or sleek trainers.

Make sure you don’t look too casual; otherwise, you won’t have a complete look. You’ll also want to avoid stiletto heels because they won’t have a smart-casual look. For women, more styles tend to be available. A looser-fit blazer might suit your body proportions, and this could transform your look.

If you don’t want the complete tweed look with a jacket, a tweed handbag is an excellent alternative. This will depend on your chosen jacket style.

A more traditional piece will match with a formal outfit. If a long jacket is unsuitable for your body shape, a short jacket could do the trick.

You’ll discover how versatile tweed can be once you recognize how to style it. Whether you’re seeking a fitted blazer for formal occasions or a coat meant for daily wear, there’s a style to suit whichever look.