There are few things more annoying than running out of power on your iPhone, unless it’s dunking your precious gadget. So we’re anxious to snap on the new Mojo Refuel Aqua, for the new 5/5S which the company iBattz (horrible name, we know) boasts is the world’s first waterproof removable battery case. You’ll keep your mojo dry and powered with interchangeable 2200mAh batteries, which charge an iPhone one full time.

The rugged Refuel Aqua can protect and charge the iPhone 5/5S under water to a depth of 10 feet because of its patented zip seal lock technology, and features the slimmest enclosure to date (20 mm). Protecting the iPhone 5/5S from hard drops, water and dust, is jut half the job;  the case utilizes an exo-skeletal design that keeps all control ports sealed, while charging the battery.

Best $120 bucks you ever spent. Oh, and the other thing we liked was their marketing video on YouTube. It’s not what you think….



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