Five Digital Tools to Help your New Year’s Resolutions 

We’ve all been there.  Make your New Year’s resolution, give it your best effort for three weeks only to forget about it by February.  But, for those of you making an honest effort to stay on track, we’ve pulled together a list of five digital tools  you should be using to keep yourself in check this New Year.

Moxtra: Collect and collaborate with this app, and it’s also useful for setting goals, tracking your progress and juggling multiple tasks, documents and conversations at once. For example, if you’re trying to knock off a few pounds, you can utilize Moxtra to organize your diet, share binders of suggested workouts and even use voice annotation with a workout partner.


miCoach: this app allows you to take a personal trainer with you wherever you go. It utilizes your phones in-built GPS to track runs and provide voice feedback from favorite athletes to keep you in the zone. Whether at the gym or at home, you can choose a miCoach training plan that ensures you’re getting the best out of every workout, including detailed feedback that can track your stats over time.


Inner Balance: helps users obtain coherence, essentially getting the heart, brain and nervous system working together. By synchronizing, research shows you can retrain your mind-body response to stress. To use, a small module attaches to your iPhone or iPad and the HeartMath sensor connects to your earlobe, which then uses your pulse and heart rate variability and a breathing pacer to find inner calm.

Fitness Technologies:

This company is known for making waterproof  MP3/FM/AM Micro Players and earbuds to keep you plugged in while working out, swimming, biking or hiking.

“We saw a need to combine AM broadcasting with our existing waterproof line of FM and MP3 micro players,” stated Opher Pail, President of Fitness Technologies, Inc.  “We have many customers over 55, a group comprising the lion share of AM talk radio and news audiences, and we are very pleased to enhance their audio experience with our easy to use, affordable, new plug-in AM module.”


UWaterK9 with Plug-In AM Module - wearable in green

Okay, now you haven’t any excuses left! Get going!

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