38d8153700000578-3809610-image-a-131_1474990536788Now this will get your attention! Singer Katy Perry encourages people to vote in the upcoming Presidential election in this just-released Funny Or Die video where she is seen first in her flag PJ’s saying , ‘I’ve got some great news: This year, you can look like s*** when you vote.’

The cheeky video then proceeds to show voters in all kinds of attire, including a children’s onesie, a woman in rollers and a green face mask, but declares: ‘Or, if you’re like me, I sleep naked,’ before ripping away her pajamas to go nude. ‘Let those babies free! ” she exclaims.


The Hillary supporter is promptly arrested by police only to encounter a nude John Hale, who greets her with “You too?”




As the cruiser drives away Katy yells out the window: : ‘Scratch that. Gotta wear clothes. My bad. See you at the polls November 8th.’


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