There has been much focus from the world’s media around the exciting news that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting their second child.The Duchess has seemingly recovered much more quickly from her second bout of hyperemesis gravidarium and made her first public appearance in some weeks, recently.

Whilst there is much interest in the baby and the health of glowing mom-to-be, there are some really interesting statistics surrounding how expensive it is to bring a blue blooded baby into the world these days and some may surprise more than others!

For instance, many people would be shocked to learn that although the Duchess had a stay in a private hospital – St Mary’s Lindo Wing – when Prince George was delivered, it cost £12,000 (19,220.17 USD). However, it might shock even more to learn that compared to giving birth in the USA that it is much less expensive. The average cost of safely delivering a baby there can be anywhere between $30,000 and $50,000 dollars – making Kate’s stay seem like a veritable snip!

Of course, the new baby will have a nanny – just like Prince George and while estimates put this at costing around £80,000 (128,141.13 USD) per annum, more conservative figures suggest that it is much more likely to cost around £38,000 (60,872.84 USD) every year to make sure the Prince and his little brother or sister to be will be cared for as their parents make their professional engagements.

So far, so good! However, probably one of the most jaw dropping figures to come to light is the cost of keeping the Cambridge’s secure. Of course, they are one of the most, if not the most high-profile young couples in the world and judging by the problems they, and the Prince’s late mother Diana, Princess of Wales had encountered over the years it is not surprising they want to make sure their young family is protected and cared for in the best possible way.

Their house on Anglesey – the base when the Duke is working as a Search and Rescue Pilot costs in excess of £1million (1,601,911.37 USD) for safety and security every single year. However, the total cost of keeping the couple and their son safe when they travel, and in their other residences – not to mention when they make public appearances, costs and absolutely staggering £128million (205,045,025.54 USD) per annum.

As the pregnancy continues and the Duchess begins to bloom again one thing is for certain, that is that there will be much more continued interest in the growing family and their share of the spotlight.

The cost does not include the couple's cute dog, Lupo

The cost does not include the couple’s cute dog, Lupo

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This special feature was contributed by Juliette Whiting, who is a freelance writer and mother of two not-quite-as-expensive babies.

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