At a benefit for Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation at the UCLA over the weekend, the delighted talk show host revealed that his baby son was ‘doing well. He’s right there!’

As you’ll remember, Billy Kimmel was born with a rare heart defect and had surgery when he was just three-year hours old. The now 5-month-old has more surgeries in his future but his prognosis is positive.

Jimmy joked it was Billy’s first red carpet appearance, adding: ‘He’s got to have another operation soon, but he’s doing well. He seems to be strong. He pulls hair, that’s for sure!’

Alex’s Lemonade is a charity that raises funds for research into new treatments and cures for childhood cancer.

‘There’s a great story behind it,’ the Emmy award winner shared. ‘It really was started by a little girl, not by a group of adults.