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Instead of a new avatar, Director James Cameron has been working on something even more difficult – a solar “sunflower” that moves with the sun. Showing off one of the five whimsical solar sunflowers he had built on the campus of the Muse School in  Malibu,  Cameron enthusiastically demonstrated the 14 petals composing a 30-foot diameter ‘photovoltaic blossom that function like a flower,’ saying ‘ The tracking base moves the flower head the way a real flower will grow toward the sun.”


The 60-year-old director and environmentalist designed the creatives solar sunflowers as a birthday gift for his wife, Suzy Amis Cameron,who co-founded the nonprofit, sustainability-oriented school.

Nicknaming them “Solar Sun Flowers,” Cameron explained they stand 16-feet tall and features a diameter of almost 30 feet. Each flower, capable of tracking the sun throughout the day (just like a real sunflower), can generate about 300kW of energy daily.

Now let’s ‘plant’ these all over the country.

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