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When Chip Wilson and his wife Shannon started their charity, Imagine1Day, they applied the same business skills that helped make their company lululemon such a huge success. Inspired by Ethiopia’s goal to be transform their education system into one that is accessible to each and every child, the Wilson’s settled on one goal and one country. It won’t be easy –Ethiopia currently has one of the world’s highest number of out-of-school children at 1.7 million, and its drop-out rate means that only 19.4% of children make it to high school —  so they started by developing leaders in the country and investing in a partnering with rural communities to build schools and train teachers.


 Today,  Imagine1day works in partnership with 226 schools and is impacting over 100,000 children each year across five districts in Ethiopia. While they’ve had impressive results so far, much needs to be done. Be a saint and donate today.

SHEIK MUHAMMED ABDULAHI My intention is to work as a religious person. We have been discussing to change the timing of religious school so as to not disturb the formal education. We will teach in the evening so that they can attend formal education. We are also teaching the community about the right that children have to go to school. Now we are telling children that it is mandatory to go to school to have a formal education.

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