So you’re enjoying London Fashion Week, especially since you scored second-row seats. You notice that security is very tight and there’s a buzz around a few seats down in front. Who’s the celebrity that warrants all this fuss? Then everyone around you starts to stand. Maybe they really like their stars over here?
But when the powder blue suit comes into view you realize that it’s none other than Queen Elizabeth.
And they’ve put her beside Vogue editor Anna Wintour who keeps her sunglasses on. (Guess she doesn’t even take them off for Royalty.)
Then you wake up.
Actually, that happened this week when the Queen made her first appearance at a fashion show, in order to give the London-born Quinn, known for his wild prints and colorful headscarves, with the inaugural Queen Elizabeth II Award for British Design.
We’re still reeling from the image of the Queen of England sitting beside the Queen of Fashion.
By all accounts, she enjoyed herself (Queen Elizabeth we mean; you ever know with stone-faced Wintour.)