If you were busy (or perhaps sleeping) here’s what you missed on Saturday Night live last night: With Baldwin impersonating Trump, there is a frightening invasion from planet Zorblat 9, and the Commander in Chief needs to give one of those inspirational speeches you see in movies such as ‘IndependenceDay’ before the troops go to battle.

Kenan Thomson plays the general commander in the skit.

Instead, we get this: He begins the Independence Day-style address: ‘Hello yes what a beautiful day, who here loves Trump

 ‘Hello yes what a beautiful day, who here loves Trump i know this guy over here he loves Trump,’ as he motions towards a man who appears to have been blown up.

The Trump impersonator continued: ‘We’ve got the best military, but we don’t win anymore. The aliens are laughing at us, they’re killing us and laughing at us.’

When the desperate troops plead with him to tell them his plan, the mock President had a unique solution: ‘Here’s what we’re going to do, we’re going to bring coal back.

‘You won’t believe how much coal we’re going to have. You’ll say I never knew there could be so much coal.’

When the aliens show up, Trump cowardly passes the buck.

But the best part is saved for the end of the skit when the fully-armed aliens arrive and ask threateningly ‘TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER’ and a cowardly Trump passes the buck to his commander, played brilliantly by Kenan. Classic.

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