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“Energy Done Better.” That’s the motto of the the new HYDRIVE energy water. With just 30 calories, enough caffeine to kick-start your engine, and seven refreshing flavors, it already beats out our usual go-to, Red Bull. But it’s the proprietary blend of 4 B Vitamins, 4 electrolytes and 3 amino acids that really got our attention.

Still, if it doesn’t taste good then it ‘s all moot, right? So we gave them a taste taste, all at the dreaded hour of 3 PM , where we usually run out of steam.

First up — the Orange (Citrus Burst) which reminded of us the taste of Orange Crush. There wasn’t that cloying aftertaste of sweetener; we liked the tart zing, and it had just enough caffeine to get the job done. Besides, we figured we were getting all our Vit C in our energy drink. By far the best part though, was that we didn’t get the subsequent crash which usually accompanies our iced Starbucks.

Next, we tried the Blue Raspberry, also tasty, packed with vitamins and didn’t experience a  sugar spike or crash. Basically, after that it just comes down to which taste you like. Bottom line: It’s great to have an energy drink that’s only 30 calories, has a refreshing taste, gives you a  caffeine boost that  won’t make you crash an hour later, plus you get some much-needed vitamins.




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