How to write a great college admission essay to impress the admission committee and be accepted? Dos and Don’ts in the admission essay. Tips on the style:

How to Write a Great College Admission Essay

A college admission essay may change your life forever if you write it properly. It may open you a door to new opportunities, to a new world of knowledge. But more importantly, it can lead you to a successful career and life in the end. That is why you should take special care when you are writing an admission essay.

If you decide to look for admission essay writing service, this may be the best solution. You also can find all the information about the essay structure and what to write in the paper to show that you are worth the position in a college. However, there are some details, which are important to make your essay special.

To Make Your Essay Special, Do These Things

You don’t just have to write a well-structured essay with proper standard content. You should whatever it takes to make it unique, creative and whatever else is necessary to impress the admission committee. This is mandatory if you want your essay to stand out and make it successful. Here are some tips on how to do it:

  • Use persuasive techniques in your paper. If you have studied psychology, you must already know a bit about them. Otherwise, just search for them on the web.
  • Start with your paper well ahead. Don’t leave it for the last moment, as in a hurry you may forget about something important.
  • Proofread your paper after the completion. Everybody makes mistakes, and you aren’t an exception.
  • Use all your creativity. Show that you are unique and you deserve to study there.
  • Write about relevant things. Experience, some facts that have influenced your choice are to place, while reflections about a beautiful sunset which you saw last week may sound too odd.

Avoid These Typical Mistakes

Everybody is talking about what to do. However, no one seems to be talking about what not to do. Are there any things that you should avoid in your admission essay? Are there are typical mistakes that applicants make and end up rejected because of them? Sure, there are. You should know them and avoid them.

  • Repetitions. If you repeat the same idea or the same thought several times throughout your paper, it seems that you don’t have much to tell. Avoid repetitions by all means, as then your essay will make a bad impression. If you don’t have many relevant ideas, then describe only those few which you can. However, instead of repeating them, you had better describe them in more detail.
  • Formal Language is Not Dry Language. Dry language is boring while formal language is polite. To be formal, you need to avoid taboo words and expressions, but it is ok if you use adjectives to make your essay more vivid. If the situation requires a vivid description, just write it. However, you should ensure that you don’t confuse formal language with dry language.
  • The First-Person Pronoun is Intrusive. Yes, your essay should be written about you. It should be personalized much more than any other kind of essay. But using “I”, “me” in each sentence sounds a little ego-centric, doesn’t it? Just try to avoid it, describe your experiences, your studies, but don’t over-concentrate on these pronouns. In short, make sure to avoid the first-person pronoun in your text at all costs.
  • Passive Voice Complicates Things. Many students believe that passive voice sounds smart and cool. How mistaken they are! Passive voice makes your essay sound dry and impersonal. Moreover, it complicates the reading and understanding! Make your paper vivid and bright, use Active Voice instead. The rules of academic writing discourage using passive voice in essays, and your essay is not an exception.
  • Long Sentences? Nobody Likes Them! Long sentences are not welcomed in any kind of essay. In an admission essay, they may become critical. Just imagine somebody from the admission committee trying to figure out what you want to explain. Do you really believe they will put efforts to read bulky sentences? Try to make all your writing as easy to read as you can, but don’t make it primitive. This is the main trick if you want to write a perfect essay. Your admission essay should be pleasant to read. If reading it is hard, you will fail.


An admission essay is one of the most complicated essays emotionally. That is why you had better properly research the website of the college and check what you should focus on in your paper. Make it relevant and unique, so that the admission committee doesn’t have any doubts about you and your right to study in their college.