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Remember when there was a sensational run on a beauty product from an English drugstore called Boots? The original No.7  ‘Protect and Perfect’ was heralded as the next anti-aging breakthrough in Great Britain and when it hit the shelves in the United States it sold out in days. (You can buy it at Target in the States.)

The new frenzy-inducing product is their Nip+Fab, the  latest “miracle” beauty product which promises to get rid of frown lines. A no needle fix, in other words.

Here’s what they claim:

A concentrated formula that instantly plumps + smoothes the appearance of expression lines, fine lines + wrinkles.

Frown Fix contains:

    • amino acids smooth + minimise the look of expression lines
    • purslane extract hydrates + tightens
    • centella   fine lines appear reduced

Like Botox, the Viper Venom  has muscle relaxing properties, which is said to temporarily diminish frown lines. Tubes of the “line filler” sold out in one day in London and reportedly there is a waiting list of over 8,000.

Before you rush over to the Boots website to buy it, the site has crashed, most likely because of the massive traffic. And it hasn’t hit Target stores state-side, at least not in L.A. It sells for around 10 pounds in England so figure it will retail here for around $16.

Still, we’ve heard these claims before so we’re going to wait until some of the reviews are in.

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