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Michelle Williams with the Pixie cut.

Michelle Williams with the Pixie cut.

Mia Farrow. Twiggy. Goldie Hawn. Who had the first Pixie cut?

Like most hair trends, the short-do is back in fashion, with celebs like Michelle Williams, Jennifer Lawrence, and Miley Cyrus trying it on for size.

Before you go scissor-happy, try on short wig to see how you look and ask your hair stylist. We went to Mika Fowler, celeb stylist at Kim Vo salon in Beverly Hills to tell us who’s a good candidate — and show us how it’s done.

“Hair texture is the most important thing,” she told us. ” If the hair is  too curly or too thick  it doesn’t work many times. Face shape doesn’t matter. You can change the face shape with bangs or face line texture.”

And even though it’s wash-and-go, you will need trims every month or so.


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