Ohh, so retro! Stovetop popcorn in the microwave! Not only does it taste better, but it’s a healthier choice. Made from temperature safe borosilicate glass, the main container can be filled with whole kernel corn and then microwaved without the use of oil. Like a little butter on your popcorn? The silicone lid doubles as a kernel measurer and butter melter–simply put a pat of butter on the lid while the popcorn is popping to enjoy a delicious snack. $14.99 at Uncommon Goods.


Personalized dog ornament from Etsy store. the ornament can be stamped with your pet’s name (smaller font may be used if the name is more than 5 characters). The text can be left in white or painted as shown (painted text is $2). Text colors include metallic silver, metallic gold, black, light blue or light pink. $19.95


How cute are these?! Buy a pair of these fingerless Wool Mittens, secure in the knowledge that they’ll be able to safely scroll, tap and text on their iPhone through the winter. $25 at Etsy.

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