We’re on record for loving the Patchology patches which revitalize your under eye so no one has to know you were out partying last night. Yes, we were dubious too – until we tired them. Like a ‘re-charging station’ for your eyes, these patches de-puff with cucumber extract,  hydrate with hydraluronic acid, smooth the skin with  peptides and Vitamin C which brightens eyes and only takes 20 minutes. (Leave them on a little longer if you need too.)


Used over time, these patches even diminish fine lines. For the holidays, Patchology has come out with a  4-Treatment Kit , basically a starter-friendly version of the  Energizing Eye Kit  which any girlfriend would love. Over the holidays (think parties) we use them at least once a week. (1 set of patches can be re-used up to 4 times)

Simply apply a liberal amount of the Activating Gel to the backs of the patches, wear them under the eyes for as little as twenty minutes or up to twelve hours and then remove the excess activating gel with a refreshing wipe.

 $35 for the 4-Treatment Kit (1 set of patches can be re-used up to 4 times) at  Neiman Marcus.

Put a patch on it and forget it.

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