Gentlemen listen up! – With Holiday Season in full swing we have turned to some of Hollywood’s top grooming, training, style and surgical experts to make sure you put your best foot forward and look your best during this year’s yuletide cheer!

With this year’s gauntlet of holiday parties and family soirees we want you to look your best. Whether you are in the market to meet a special someone, celebrate your someone or just impress your family – we have got you covered.

The grooming and fashion team at Daily Candid News has assembled input and tips from some of Los Angeles’ top red carpet pros to perfect your holiday look. And let’s be honest – it sometimes takes a village 🙂

First up : HAIR – The Cut

Marcos Trueba.

Marcos Trueba.

Marcos Trueba / The Chris McMillan Salon / 310.285.0088

Named one of “LA’s Top Stylists” by Refinery29 and a “Stylist to Stalk” by BangStyle – Marcos has helmed the “effortless” looks of many a model, celebrity and top beauty blogger. His cuts have been featured in Latina Magazine and The Zoe Report.

*Men as a sidenote – most visits to Marcos at the staff at the Chris McMillan Salon will have you seeing a bevy of beauties (both male and female clients).

Marcos’ tips for “The Holiday Gent” and perfecting your hair include:

  • Invest money in your haircut, find a stylist that knows head shapes and proportions. A good stylist should detail your haircut according to the structure of your face and head shape.
  • When you spend good money on a cut, generally a two weeks’ post haircut clean-up is free. Ask your stylist and take advantage to extend your haircut a couple of weeks. A clean up usually involves cleaning up your side burns, around your ear and neckline.
  • Spend money on good products. A good product has great hold, and won’t buildup in your hair. Build up is especially important if you don’t shampoo your hair daily…
  • Shampooing less often is good for your scalp, the natural sebum that your scalp creates is the best conditioner for your hair. I suggest shampooing your hair 2-3 times a week, and I encourage rinsing your hair in between shampoos.
  • Gentleman, take the time to blow dry your hair.  Blow-drying your hair helps give your hair shape and volume and helps break up cowlicks and wavy hair.
  • My curly hair friends, product product product!!!  A conditioning serum or cream post shower is important to keep your curls in tact and to fight frizz.
  • When applying product, scoop some hair paste or cream in your hands, emulsify it evenly and lightly skim the product starting in the back of your hair to the sides and finishing with the top. This keeps from running your product straight into the top, leaving it stiff and greasy.
  • Are your eyebrows bushy?  Do you have ear hair?  Ask your stylist to clean you up. No one likes bushy. / 310.285.0088

    Instagram: @MarcosTrueba_Hair



HAIR – The Color / Maintenance

Kyle David Hair / Sally Hershberger / / 310.854.4922

When this grooming editor was in the market to change things up in terms of hair color, the unanimous directive was to see Kyle at Sally Hershberger. Kyle has never done us wrong, from taking us to a grey / silver to blonde to now a color we call “Blonde-Ice” – Gentlemen, Kyle is the LA go-to for all things color and maintenance. As a former model, turned hair-pro, Kyle has combined his deep interest in hair. with his affinity for the art. An expert in balayage, he draws on his artistic skills to transform hair into beautifully painted works of art.

*And for those with thinning hair – Marcos’ cut and Kyle’s color choices (coupled with a prescription of Finasteride for hair growth) have made all the difference!

Kyle’s tips for “The Holiday Gent” on perfecting your holiday color and maintenance include:

  • One of the key factors of keeping your color looking healthy and vibrant is your shampoo and conditioner. Sally Hershberger’s 24k shampoo and conditioner rejuvenate and maintain your color with ingredients such as 24k pure gold elixir and UV protectants.
  • Ok blondes! Speaking of shampoo, we need to keep those locks fresh and luxurious looking. L’Oréal colorist collection white violet shampoo has a very sheer pigment to counteract any brassy tones that tend to dull blondes.
  • Let’s not forget about the men! For all you silver foxes and salt n’ pepper men, the same L’Oréal shampoo will make your hair look fresh and dapper for all your holiday parties.
  •    For all you ladies that just got fresh color for the holidays. To help prevent your color from fading, do not shampoo your hair for 24-48 hours. After any color service, it takes 24-hours for your cuticle to fully close and lock in the color.
  •   Now to finish off your look let’s finish with Sally Hershberger’s 24k golden touch oil. From blondes to brunettes, this oil will make anyone’s hair look and feel luxurious. Loaded with natural plant extracts and oils to rejuvenate and protect your glistening locks.

Instagram: @KyleDavidHair

With these collective tips we trust you will have your holiday game in tip top shape! Now don’t let us down. Go get em!

Check back later in the week for our second party of holiday grooming tips from beauty to fitness (1 of a 3 part story). 

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