Who doesn't want to have killer abs?

Who doesn’t want to have killer abs?

Want to get rid of that muffin top and have a fit and sexy mid-section like Megan Fox or Jessica Alba?  I am often asked, “How can I get rid of my belly”. Although the question is a simple one the answer is not quite as simple. Our bodies tend to store fat in our mid-section and there are many factors that contribute to weight gain in this area. Here are some SUPER simple tips that you can use to start losing today.

Cardio First Thing on an Empty Stomach

This should be a morning ritual for anyone looking to shed unwanted weight around the mid-section. When you perform intense cardiovascular exercise on an empty stomach your body is forced to break down stored fat rapidly for immediate use as an energy source. Aim for 30 to 45 consecutive minutes.

Eating Protein with Every Meal

Eating protein with every meal helps your body metabolize carbohydrates more rapidly, increases your thermogenic rate and helps to build fat-burning muscle.

Eating Fat

Believe it or not, your body stores fat more readily when adequate fat sources aren’t present in your diet. Eating the right fats as a part of a balanced diet actually causes your body to shed fat. Another weight loss benefit of consuming healthy fats from foods life Salmon, Walnuts, avocado, etc. helps to make you feel more full , thus reducing your urge to overeat.

Training Your Hips and Legs

Your legs contain the largest muscles in your body so it make sense that they require lots of energy. Try incorporating compound moves like squat and deadlift variations to rev up your fat metabolism. If you are feeling super fit than incorporate short cardio bursts in between sets.

Drinking Water Regularly

Water is not only great for digestion but helps your body to excrete unwanted toxins that cause weight gain in the mid-section. Aim for a gallon each day.

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