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For years I’ve helped my clients avoid the perils that await them on business trips or vacations. Here are some ideas for your next trip:

1) Pre-planning your meals and workouts makes you analyze what you eat and how you’ll use it. Often options are limited to whatever is available in that airport gift shop, that antiquated hotel gym, the diner nearest your hotel or the calorie-laden fare offered to you at that convention. You’ll prevail by seeking out nutritious options near your destination weeks, days, or even hours in advance of your arrival.

2) Hungry in the airport? Look for healthy menu items like salmon or chicken a la carte with a side of vegetables. In a pinch, opt for snacks like citrus fruit, and unsalted almonds.
MAKE time to workout everyday even if you only have twenty minutes.

3) Try this killer hotel room circuit in a pinch: Front Planks, Squats, Squat Thrusts, and High-knees. Perform each move for 45-75 seconds. Repeat 3-4 times. Aim for a gallon of water and 8hrs of sleep per day

As with most challenges that we face in life, planning is a critical advantage. However, your success will be determined by execution of said plan.

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Los Angeles based personal trainer Clarence K. Howard has dedicated his life to helping others reach their optimal potential. His holistic approach to fitness and emphasis on empowerment through health and wellness education separate him from others in the fitness industry. For nearly a decade, Clarence has been called upon to train elite athletes, well-known entertainers and high-powered executives. Clarence's philosophy is simple: True fitness should be a holistic, goal specific and sustainable part of one's lifestyle. Learn more about Clarence and how he can help you by visiting today.

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