It’s National Sunglass Day, which is the perfect excuse to buy a new pair of sunnies. To get the latest trends and tips, we called on Eden Wexler, who is the U.S. director of Public Relations for Safilo, (which also owns the Solstice Sunglasses chain), to give us the fashion deets.

Also called ‘the stylist to the stars’ since she has outfitted thousands of celebrities with sunglasses, Eden recently appeared on CBS Philadelphia (see video below) so you can check out all the new styles.


Break it down for us — what are the biggest style trends this summer?


Round and retro –round or rounded sunglasses are the key silhouette for the season which has a very retro look as many have metal tips on the sides or a single or double bar across the nose giving the glasses a rounded aviator look which makes round glasses easier to wear. 

Color Pop — Brightly colored frames in all colors of the rainbow and more such as yellow, orange, purple, bright green and blue are super hot and playful.  Most are paired with bold-colored flash mirrored lenses.

Totally Texture  — 3D printing for a unique textured effect, they use rubber and metal jewelry-like effects)

Big is Back  — Larger, oversized sunglasses in all variations – from Jackie O shapes to aviators – are in vogue again. These are real statement sunglasses!

The all- white Woodsons.

White Hot  — White colored frames are very in style.  If you find it difficult to commit to an all-white sunglasses, there are many sunglasses that offer prints or two-tone color effects with white nuances that can be seen on the temples or the frame fronts.


What is the new  ‘color pop technology ‘ you allude to?


I was referring to Chromapop, actually.

Chromapop is our Smith brand’s proprietary lens technology that allows your eyes to see true color. This technology filters out distorted color confusion that causes eye fatigue and vision distortion. These lenses will truly bring an amazing “pop” of color and enhance any outdoor experience through unmatched contrast.

SMITH Founder sunglasses with chromapop .


What are the most important advancements in lens this year?


From a trend standpoint, we are seeing a lot of flat lenses with a brightly mirrored effect.  Some brands feature decorative designs on the lenses, creating a very interesting/trendy effect. 

From a technology standpoint, as mentioned above, Chromapop is a great lens offered exclusively in the Smith brand.  Polarized lenses, continue to be important for many people as the lenses cut down the glare which is created by horizontal light.  The Polaroid sunglasses collection, which offers polarized lenses exclusively in its collection, features UltraSight™ lenses which are made of nine functional elements which help the lenses block virtually all glare making it easier to enjoy whatever you’re doing stylishly with safety and comfort in mind.

‘Stylist to the stars’ Eden Wexler in hot new Givenchy style.


For people with smaller faces, what trends are best for them?


For smaller faces, the same trends apply, it’s just a matter of finding scaled down versions — smaller styles – of the same trends.  In the case of the oversized trend, people with smaller faces can still wear something oversized as long as the glasses are in proportion to their smaller features.

Kate Spade 2017 styles, designed for smaller faces.

To buy any of these styles, check out Solstice Sunglasses.

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