Gwyneth Paltrow is the only celebrity that has gone on record having had a vitamin D deficiency, but how? Shouldn’t her doctors have been aware, and been able to prevent it?

I’ve been writing a lot about vitamin D these days, and if you’ve been following my articles you’ll notice that it’s been included in most of the different conditions I talk about. Insomnia, and sleep apnea and clenching and grinding known as “Bruxism” are some of the little known, and obvious signs of a deficiency.

Vitamin D is it a vitamin at all it’s a powerful hormone that regulates many body systems, and is critical for health. Unfortunately, today’s doctors don’t have a clue that this strange misnamed “supplement” is something that almost everybody that they see is running out of.

  Now I know you get plenty of sunshine and you walk your dog twice a day, you drink milk, or you take a multi vitamin so it’s in there! The truth is only a blood test can tell if you have enough, and everyone I’ve ever tested has been low! The correct test is the 25(OH ) vitamin D test, and unfortunately, doctors often request the wrong test the “125 (OH) vitamin D test, and what’s even worse is labs will accidentally do the wrong vitamin D test, even if the doctor indicates the right one. This has happened to me more than once even though I know the difference. I carefully check each time.

The 125(OH)D test is your activated level of D3, and everyone is normal, and many people who are drastically low are told they are fine. Check your lab work immediately if you keep it (you should) and make sure your doctor is testing your D level; many people have never been tested. Low levels of vitamin D associated with cancer and sleep disorders as well as many other issues like anxiety and depression as well as weight gain, this sunshine hormone is critical for our health we are solar powered animals and we take a charge from the suns energy to make this miracle molecule.

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Dr. Gould